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‘Drama Queen’ at Wings

Rinki Kumari’s passion is theatre. Recently, she played the lead in a short skit on women’s right to education and work, ‘Aisaas’ (‘Feelings’). The play was excellent and her outraged voice demanding equal rights rang through the hall. Her shyness falls away on stage and her determination to get the correct message across is marked by irritation at herself if she feels she has not expressed herself well enough.

We have decided to make ‘Aisaas’ a feature length play involving Wings, Street Smart and St. Joseph’s Academy Drama Society, Orchestra and Choir. Rinki will play the lead role again.

Rinki is now 13. She has been with the Aasraa Trust since she was nine and a half and is one of our strongest students. She goes to a government aided school, RPAKP Inter College, with an excellent and involved Principal. Aasraa sponsors her fees.

She lives in Govindgarh, an extension of the Bindal riverbed slum. Her father is a day labourer who finds it difficult to find work because of an injury. Rinki’s parents are an exception in that they place a high value not just on education, but education for their daughters as well.

Two years ago Rinki wanted to be a teacher; last year an actor. This year she wants to be a policeman. At 13, it is likely that she will change her mind again, but of this she is sure; she will study, chose a profession and work. She is a strong role model for our other girl children.

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