The Aasraa Trust Wish List

If you would like to feed the children (click):


  • All meals for one day for all Aasraa children INR 39,000  (1500 children are fed daily)
  • One meal at a centre INR 3,000 (150 children)

Throughout the day there are nutritional components for every program
Ranging from bananas & milk to three full meals

If you would like to sponsor an individual child (click):

  • Sponsor a child in Street Smart at INR 1800/month
  • Sponsor a child in school at INR 1700/month
  • Sponsor a child in Wings of Doon at INR 1300/month
  • Sponsor a teacher’s salary at INR 11000/month
  • Sponsor a child in our shelter homes at INR 74,000/year (This includes warden’s salaries, rent & maintenance)


Things we need (click):

  • Hygiene is huge focus as children from the streets and slums have very limited access to clean water. We need an industrial size washing machine & solar water heaters for winters.
  • Nutrition is a must. To keep our food fresh in the shelter homes, we need an industrial refrigeration unit.
  • Transporting children to and from slums and education centres. We crisscross the city every day in search of new children to bring into education; we take children to schools they have never been to before; we bring them home at night to the safety of our shelter homes. Also,  give medical care to all are children and are heavily dependent on public transport presently. We need a Winger and a van to support our medical and transportation efforts.
  • High definition TV screens to facilitate E Learning
  • Water Purifer
  • Laser Printer


Aasraa Trust



Account No : 0070104000273916

IFSC Code : IBKL0001764

MICR: 248259005


Branch Address : 59/3 Rajpur Road,

Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Note: As per Government of India

regulations Indian donors must supply

us with a copy of their address proof &

PAN Card number.


Please send us this information on :


Aasraa Trust

Kotak Mahindra Bank


FCRA Account number: 1711476559

IFSC : KKBK0000153


Branch Address : Kotak Mahindra Bank

Ground Floor & First Floor, 56 City Center,

Rajpur Road,
 Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001


Note: As per Government of India

regulations Foreign donors must supply

us with their Communication address &

copy of Passport (Front and back pages with address).


Please send us this information on :


The donation is for ‘educational charity’.

  • Aasraa is 12AA and 80G registered.
  • FCRA Registration Number : 347900173
  • PAN number : AACTA5133A

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All donations are highly valued. We can only maintain our work if you continue to help us. Thank you!

Aasraa Trust will keep all donors updated on our progress through our web site, blog and Newsletters.
In the case of individual child sponsorships, sponsors will be kept updated with reports of the child from their schools and pictures of the child. Aasraa would be delighted if the sponsor wanted to maintain an individual correspondence with the child by email or Skype.