Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here


Five year old Pallavi, with two small piercings in her ears and twin pigtails, radiates an elfin look that instantly makes her enduring. She is a daughter of a motor rickshaw driver who is struggling everyday for a better living. There are two brothers at home-Gagan and Kartik; the former is currently studying at Ram Pyari School.

Like many other children belonging to the lower social strata, she had never seen the inside of a school before Aasraa’s intervention helped her find her way to the classroom portals. The school has helped her in transforming into a lively, twittering girl who easily makes friends and is popular with her teachers.

Pallavi plays many games during the evening hours: hide-and-seek, football and other outdoor games. She also has a doll which she takes with her wherever she goes, cradled in her arms. Her family has high hopes from her and we know she will be able to fulfill her dreams.

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