Asha, (name given by Aasraa), was silent and withdrawn when we first met her in Doon Hospital; Brought in by Railway Chlidline, she was found in a terrible state. She was scared, abandoned and couldn’t even make eye contact which led us to believe that she had been abused. Initial assessment indicated severe mental disability and a virulent infection in her genital area which required immediate treatment. When shifted her to Sakya hospital under our care, Asha was not be able to perform any task herself. She was unable to understand or follow verbal instruction or even cooperate with care givers and nursing staff. Aasraa adopted Asha through CWC and a dedicated special educator has been working with Asha for the past year. The transformation has been amazing. Asha is now an able girl who has grown out of her shell. She interacts, understands and even participates in activities.

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