New Year Calendar 2023

New Year Calendar 2023

New Year Calendar 2023


Mukesh stands ram rod straight and tall. He is handsome and respectful. When he smiles it is like the sum coming out.

Mukesh’s heart is set on joining the Indian Army. We said, ‘Ok, but only if you become a Major General.’ Mukesh replied, ‘Ok’.

Mukesh is from a simple village in the mountains, has six siblings and is determined to make something special out of his life. He has just passed his Class X Boards Examination with an aggregate of 58%, missing a first division by just 2%! This is an amazing result from a child who had limited access to formal education.

Mukesh has worked with Aasraa through the summer in our entire programme while waiting for his results. As he enters Class XI, he will start studying for his NDA Exams.

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