Ganga, (name given by Aasraa), is an expressive young girl full of energy. She was unable to speak and used sounds to indicate what she wanted. Ganga was found abandoned in Dehradun by Childine. As she was not receiving any treatment at Doon Hospital, Aasraa Trust was forced to take over (with permission from CWC) and shifted her to Sakya Hospital under our care. After intensive counselling sessions and a strict timetable Ganga’s attention level has improved. She now participates in activities with other children and loves puzzles and spicy food. She has learned some words including ‘Ganga’ and ‘chai’ and her vocabulary is increasing as she interacts with children her own age. She was difficult to keep calm at Sakya Hospital and only after regular intensive counselling sessions over the past year, she has shown great improvement.

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