The Children

  • Pallavi

    Five year old Pallavi, with two small piercings in her ears and twin pigtails, radiates an elfin look that instantly makes her enduring. She is a daughter of a motor rickshaw driver who is struggling everyday for a better living. know more

  • Bushra

    A short, frail girl with two tiny scars on her left cheek, Bushra presents a stolid demeanour, and rarely speaks unless spoken to. Her father, Furkan, works as a bricklayer and her housewife mother Sahista stays at home. know more

  • Liara

    With a name that rolls like honey off the tongue, Liara is a pony-tailed girl with an unkempt appearance. She has a younger sibling, Shezaan, who is five years of age. know more

  • Veer

    Veer, a six-year old, lives in the dense Kanwali tenements, with a housewife mother and a rag-picking father who are barely able to provide for the family. know more

  • Rohit

    Bunny toothed wonder boy Rohit, 8, from the Bindal Slum had a packed audience enthralled as he spoke about himself with absolute self-confidence and aplomb at the Rotary Club. know more

  • Soni

    Soni, 5, tags along with her four sisters every day to the Mobile Learning Centre. She likes to paint and watch TV and gets know more