Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

‘Enterprising’ Malti

Malti Pasma,17, displayed wisdom and common sense beyond her age of 14, when we met her 3 years ago. Orphaned at 11, robbed and thrown out of home by their uncle, Malti and her older sister have parented their two younger brothers for the last 6 years.

Malti was working as a rag picker during the day and as a domestic help in the evenings. This was to enable her brothers to attend a Government school. She joined the Street Smart program as a trainee block printer 3 years ago.

Malti is hard working and diligent; in the Aasraa fold, she has applied herself with dignity, confidence and single mindedness. She is in a hurry to become literate and make up for lost time. She is also one of our best vocational trainees and an adept worker. She is part of the ‘senior’ team.

Aasraa helps with her rent and dry rations so the family unit can stay together. In the meantime, Malti works to realize her dream; to buy a small plot of land in her home town in Bihar. There, she will build a home for her family.

Her brothers both attend the Wings after school program.

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