Special Needs Center

  • Chandni

    Chandani escaped a very difficult situation of repeated abuse and raised her voice against her parents and abusers. She was studying in class 5th in a government junior high school know more

  • Tara

    Tara, 8 years old, is Chandani’s younger sister who is also a victim of abuse. She was studying in class 3rd in a government junior high school in her village. know more

  • Anand

    Anand lives in Madrasi Colony Area in Dehradun. Along with moderate mental developmental issues he also has speech and auditory problems. know more

  • Pratishtha

    Pratishtha suffers from low vision which has led to her diminished mental and cognitive development. know more

  • Asha

    Asha, (name given by Aasraa), was silent and withdrawn when we first met her in Doon Hospital; Brought in by Railway Chlidline, she was found in a terrible state. know more

  • Ganga

    Ganga, (name given by Aasraa), is an expressive young girl full of energy. She was unable to speak and used sounds to indicate what she wanted. Ganga was found abandoned in Dehradun by Childine. know more

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