Green Street Smart, Clean Street Smart: We Hope!

Today was a great day in terms of art as well as in terms of moving forward! Right across from where we hold Street Smart right now, is Gandhi Park. This is a huge, enclosed space- lush green obviously since it is a park- and an absolute waste of brilliant potential, seeing as how the […]

The Missing Piece

A few days after initiating Street Smart, we had decided that we wanted to look at the holistic development of children and in order to do that, we would need to work with all stakeholders and move beyond simply providing a meal and some basic education to our kids. Since then we have set out […]

The Same New!

By Saturday one is more-or-less charged down and awaiting for that much-needed Sunday break (unless of course you are one of those MNC people who get the entire damn weekend off) and an uneventful day at work would be welcome, right? Ha! Not in this crazy world that we have set up in the otherwise […]

Doc Visits Street Smart!

We had Dr. Joshi, the child physician from Doon Hospital here visiting to check our kids today. Very few of them turned up but we were able to diagnose plenty that was wrong with them! On the serious side of matters though, we are immediately starting the kids on medicines for their respective ailments, which […]

Happy Little Tents!

I have tons of things to share about the past two days at Street Smart that were crazy, busy and all in a good, good way! 🙂 To begin with, we were appalled when the weather turned for worse recently. Thankfully, a wonderful organization SOIR-IM that is based in Sweden but works in 15 countries […]

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