Day 14 And 15: We Need More!

Street Smart started fifteen days ago with a vague idea of what we would be working on, with the street children at Astley Hall in Dehradun. We started out with painting and art, and it has been going great so far. However, we are losing the connection that we had established with these children when […]

Day 13: Aao, Khao, Jao!

The weather is going wild here! It started pouring yesterday and we had a bit of hailstone as well yesterday and today and I was up half the night going crazy thinking about how the kids and their families would be. So owing to bad weather and the fact that we work outside, we skipped […]

Day 11 And 12: The Bird’s Eye View

I am writing about yesterday, as promised yesterday but I am cheating a little bit by adding the descriptions as a little part of the main, Day 12 post. The reason for this is one, I was not present and two, well I am desperate to describe what I believe is an important step that […]

Strike Two: Blog Updating To Happen Tomorrow

Street Smart Diaries will resume the routine, daily updates from tomorrow, i.e. January 14 since I am grouchy about the cancellation of my Auli trip and Penny’s computer crashed. I shall head back to my ‘happy place’, i.e. the school with our kids tomorrow and will update the Diaries for both days then. A grouchy […]

Day 10: ‘Ka’ Se Kuch Nahi!

Today we started with alphabets!!! Whoopie!! It was a lazy beginning with a few kids coming in and hanging around post a nice meal at the dhaba we had zero-ed in on, yesterday. Gudakesh drew the alphabet क for the kids and they started colouring in it and through the day, we had everybody discussing […]

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