Snippets From Too Much!

There is so much going on at Street Smart that I have been drawing a blank since the past few days, each time I sit down to update our Diaries here. We have been moving forward in our work in terms of meeting with different sets of people to discuss possible physical premises where Street […]

There Was Supposed To Be A Camera And Some Cake!

So just after I published the post about ‘whopppie we are a month old’, I get a call from a very irritated Shaila saying she is not doing anything to celebrate one month since she has had a crazy, busy day. But of course she did something (how could she not, the little brats are […]

The Baby Is One Month Old! Awwww!

Street Smart is one month old today! Wooohooo! To mark milestone- nah, actually mile-pebble, there is going to be a mini-celebration that may include eating toffees! I am not sure what we are doing, just yet so will update here after the program. Sangamitra, our youngest team-member who is given to fits of giggling during […]

Yes We Can Too…But Not In A Day!

Obama’s famous campaign slogan “yes we can” had inspired Americans and people in other parts of the world too, to an extent that may have been a little unrealistic. In a news article by Barkha Dutt recently, the term of Obama’s had been discussed with Dutt mentioning the same fact. We did create a superhero […]

Temporarily Deserted Street!

Two days back, I was walking back from Street Smart to where my scooter was parked and I see two of our kids, Rajkumar and Sunita- who also happen to be siblings and are the only homeless ones among the bunch- walking around and sniffing diluter. I give several disapproving looks to the duo, who […]

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