Apology From A Dead Brain!

I am assuming here that there is a lot of people following the blog but if for nobody else, I have to write this for that evil part of my brain that has been waiting for the daily posts to discontinue so it can mock me! The updates for day 4 and day 5 still […]

Day 3: Digging Deeper

Day 3 was eventful and showed the first, faint traces of a routine as the kids sat down to paint with us under the sun again. We were joined by a host of strangers today too and we realized that contrary to what the widely held belief about people being selfish and apathetic is, they […]

Day 2: The No Strategy Strategy!

Day 2 started with a shocker: our kids saying they did not wish to go all the way to the shelter! I had assumed the responsibility of walking them down to the shelter and I did not want to fail at that. So I said please, I was stern, I even tried the well-tried emotional […]

Day 1

Day 1 of our Street Smart School finally started yesterday after about a month of plans, discussions and meetings. The first step is, like all first steps are, was a small and beautiful beginning with three siblings Naina, Adit and Bhola. The official inauguration of the project is on January 09 but until then we […]

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