Day 9: Plasticine To Something Of A Rescue!

After yesterday’s fiasco we acted on Neelu’s (our team member who is excellent and enviously patient with the kids!) suggestion and brought in plasticine for those children who were no longer interested in painting. Earlier in the day, a few of us met at Doon Club to discuss strategy and plan of action for the […]

Day 8: And We All Fall Down!

So our fragile little house of cards almost came tumbling down today. We think that maybe the children have been painting for 6 days now and they need something new to do. Art is no longer engaging their minds, except for a few like Rajkumar and Naina. The kids today were incredibly high today. They […]

Day 7: And God Created Street Smart!

We have officially arrived! Today was the inauguration of Street Smart at Rein Basera and it was a beautiful, personal, no-frill program attended by all friends and supporters of Street Smart, besides us and the kids, of course. We missed a lot of people associated with the project since they are not in town. Shaila, […]

Day 6: The Mommies Come In!

At the start of Street Smart, we had decided that we would set school five days a week initially since we had only five people as part of the project. But since tomorrow (Sunday, Jan 09) is the official inauguration, we did not want a break before tomorrow so we went to Astley Hall for […]

Day 5: The Gangs Of Astley Hall!

In my previous post I had written that we have a lot of girls coming in, which is exciting. Here is how. The main side of Astley Hall that houses Mc Donald’s and President is manned by kids from Chuna Bhatta slums, who beg, gather garbage to sell off and occasionally sell balloons too. There […]

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