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Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar

It is so rightly said, ‘you can never understand someone, till you get under their skin and walk around in it.’ We have  tried our level best for the past three years to understand the psyche of the street children, to get under their skin and view the world from their perspective, commiserated with them over their disappointments, their despair,  their world of insecurities, abuse & addiction.

However, it is not easy to understand the world of the substance abuser. Raj Kumar needs help with his alcoholism. He has come such a long way in the last two years, matured in many ways, become an adept block printing artist, a sincere student, a competent actor, has the ability to discriminate chalk from cheese……..and yet he has no control over his drinking, specially over the weekends & the temper tantrums that inevitably follow.

We hope with regular counselling (with Kunal & Ken from the Doon Youth Centre) we halt the auto-destruct mode of Raj Kumar’s life.


2 Responses

  1. Newsdesk says:

    Lata Bhasin
    Oct 9 (7 days ago)

    to me
    These kids are born with abuse and see so much around them, they escape behind an alcoholic haze. Raj has come far and with your help will overcome his fears and distrust. He is creative and this in the long run, will sustain him as long as he has something to look forward to. I think over the weekends, with lack of occupation, he slips into a zone that his psyche is used to , to escape reality, and he’s trying to forget. The weekend seems to bring about insecurities. Poor boy. I wonder what goes on in his mind. Well done and so happy that yet another kid will eventually overcome his fears.
    Thankyou all

  2. Newsdesk says:

    Thank you Lata for your encouragement & support always!
    Will keep you updated.

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