March shall be remembered for it’s mask making drama class and its gift of shoes! Most children from all age groups and classes were involved in the theater class where Ram Lal-ji was diligently teaching the children the craft of mask making for a play we aim to produce later on in the year. However drama class was not solely mask making, often the children were found in large circles on the field participating in confidence building games and exercises. Ram Lal-ji is a gifted individual who is a great counselor and confidence builder for the children. One must only see the manner in which he works with the children to know that this is good for their development. Every child has the opportunity to attend Ram Lal-ji’s classes and enjoy the experience. 
What’s the best gift ever for a kid? A new pair of shoes, of course! This was evident from the multitude of joyous smiles as each kid at Wings received a brand new pair of shoes today. The kids were made to line up in frenzied anticipation for their presents, which were donated by ‘Josephites Unite For A Cause’. We are all really grateful to them for the shoes, and stationery and to Meenu Goyal, who gave us socks for all our little ones. After everyone received their gifts, a round of photo sessions ensued. All the kids posed, socks and shoe boxes in hand, and smiled for the flashing cameras.

The young ones line up to give their shoe sizes before receiving them. 

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