Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

It’s All About The Outreach

Our outreach programme continues unabated to bring more children under our fold. This is one of the toughest tasks faced by us. Convincing parents / ring leaders to change the course of a child’s life from that of a pitied beggar to one of a semi-skilled worker, living a life of dignity, has been an up-hill job.
There have been many changes along the way as to how we conducted our outreach program but alas we have once again decided to hold our outreach program at Gandhi Park, under the shade of the trees before the monsoons come. We hope that having a stationary spot will attract and help us build the much-needed relationships with the children before they decide to commit to coming to our center at Rein Basera. The children will get the opportunity to paint regularly from 1-3 pm daily.
Our idea to begin an Anti Begging Campaign has been met with enthusiasm from the DM who is willing to help make it a success.

The scheduling for the Computer Classes starting at Rein Basera have also been decided. Our first Introduction class will be held on Friday 20 April from 10:30-12:30 for the children of Street Smart. The following Monday (23rd April) from 3:30-5:00 we will hold the Introduction class for the students of our Wings program. Thereafter, the computing classes shall continue twice daily for both our children or Street Smart and Wings.

IIT Roorkee also paid Street Smart a visit in an attempt to introduce their graduates to working with NGO’s as a viable option asides working for big corporates. 

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