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February In Photographs

It’s a little late into the year to be reminiscing about February but considering our Wings project has never been blogged about, it’s exciting to be able to share some photographic highlights of the month. 

Very simply put, February was exam month for the majority of our 150 children. Class 6 and above studied hard under the guidance of the teachers in an attempt to obtain those perfect scores. But there were also moments of fun, starting most positively with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day was much anticipated at Wings as we were wished, with accelerating enthusiasm, on all the days preceding to it. Hug Day, Teddy Day, and the like were duly celebrated during Valentine’s week. The kids were uncontrollably excited for Valentine’s Day and when the 14th of February finally came around, studying was most definitely out of the question! Led by Mayank, our unruly artist, the kids made exquisite origami flowers, which they presented with full ceremony to all the teachers. They folded red and pink paper into delightful roses, resplendent with stems and leaves of green paper. Each and every one of them had made roses and hearts for their teachers. It was a lovely day, not only for the kids but also for us. Receiving roses from endearing ten-year olds, with those adorable smiles: what better way to spend Valentine’s Day? The kids’ evident happiness and excitement was wonderful and we were all privileged to have gotten the opportunity to share in it!

Following Valentine’s Day,
exam preparation took first priority for the next 2 weeks. It was a great sensation that came over the children and staff as we entered the last week of exam month, finishing off with the art exam.

This was the first composition art class they had in preparation for their art exam. Their initial hesitation soon died down after realizing the task at hand was going nowhere but they rose to the challenge and what a job they did!

Following the exam period, the rest of February was spent outdoors on the field playing sport, doing art, drama, learning from an atlas and even tackling some Sudoku.

काली – काली साडी पर कढ़ाई नहीं होती
मैडम के बिना पढाई नहीं होती l 

 Leaving you with a few sweet words written in a ‘Happy Holi’ card made by Preeti, a class six student. 
– Priyanka Sethy

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