Summer Camp Ahoy!

Thursday marked our last day at Bindal. We decided that it would be a play day since there is no better way to end something than with laughter and merriment! So on one end of the now-empty space was two tables with chart papers, paints and other colour material. The rest of the space had children and teachers shrieking, running, laughing and playing with table tennis, footballs, badminton and carrom board.
Looking around at the joyful faces of children as they ran and played and even quarrelled, one realized how very important play is. It must be made part of the curriculum since it brings out so much energy from within children.
So once the fruit was eaten and the kids lined up for their glass of milk, we began the exciting deliberations on the summer camp that is being organized in Kaulagarh for the kids.
The camp will last for about a month and a half during the summer vacations and besides giving the children a chance to do something different during the holidays; it will also give us time to plan changes in curriculum, teaching methods and weekly activities. But more of that later!
For the summer camp, we have hired a few vikrams or shared scooter-rickshaws that are a common means of commuting in Doon. Four of our teachers will come to Bindal at 3:45 every day and will gather the kids at a pre-decided place. Thereon, we will bundle the kids in our hired vikrams and transport the kids to the school in Kaulagarh for the program that will run between the same time (4-6) everyday. The kids will study a little bit and for the rest of the time, paint, play games, and engage in other activities.
Sushila and Arti, our two team members who live in the slums had talked to the parents about the camp and we were really overwhelmed to see the parents trusting us with their children and giving their whole-hearted consent to the idea.

So starting Monday, The Bindal Project beats the heat with its summer camp! Watch this space for updates and photographs.

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