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Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Gang Wars And Craft Lessons

Welcome to summer-time at Street Smart! In continuation with the previous post about rising tempers and fights among kids, the strife between Gopi and Suraj escalated to an almost gang-war level when both boys gathered their respective supporters (which obviously means other silly teenagers who are driven by the hormone-triggered aggression). Everybody was beaten up and all boys involved have retreated to unknown “safe hideouts” to lick wounds or plan further attacks or maybe both. So the situation at Street Smart is that we have a bunch of new kids who are all having fun painting, lounging about under the trees at Gandhi Park and in between, studying a little bit!

We had a wonderful lady come to us yesterday with material for spray painting. Charu Goyal has worked with street kids in the past and she has now volunteered to come every Tuesday to make beautiful things like greeting cards, craft work and paper bags and initiate different crafts projects for the kids.

The spray painting yesterday was a lot of fun and we now obviously need any discarded toothbrushes that any of you may have lying around at home. A few photos:

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