Colure Of Bindal Project In Current Form

Dear friends. Please forgive the silence of the last week. We have been looking for a solution to our current dilemma.
The shop keepers of the Omkar Plaza threw us of our pitch unceremoniously last week with almost no notice. Political aspirations were more important than teaching the young of the area. Having said that, we are still grateful to them for the use of their unused car parking space over the last two and a half years.
We, with the help of Manurbhav, have set up summer camp in the village of Kowlagarh. We expected around 20-30 kids from Bindal to join us (we are bussing them in by vikram!) and perhaps another 10-20 kids from Kowlagargh to join us as well. We have had over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY, yup, 120 kids for the last two days!!! It is truly awesome and the kids see it as a wonderful adventure. Any thoughts of trying to teach lessons has flown out the window on a hot summer breeze. Instead, we play. And it is wonderful. We can also teach so much through activities. Already in two days the kids are becoming friends with the other kids. Team games led only to a few tears. We are playing cricket, football, badminton; there is a slide and as always, art. So it’s a little crazy and very busy, and a huge amount of fun. 

I will post pictures of the happy chaos later this week.
Please watch this space for how the program develops after the summer break.

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