The Children

  • Ravi

    Naughty, wilful, bright, Ravi is good in studies. Ravi never hesitates to speak his mind or clarify his doubts ...know more

  • Seema

    Very good at written work, Seema never answers in class and is an absolute introvert. Seema is regular in attendance. ...know more

  • Amrita

    Hard working, shy Amrita, takes time to open up with the teachers. Perfect in her school work, Amrita has a few friends; she lives with her ....know more

  • Sumit

    An upfront, frank child, Sumit never hesitates to speak his mind. Temperamental, he does well in class when in the mood! ...know more

  • Muskaan

    Like her brother, Shankar, Muskaan is also a shy, retiring girl of few words. Well behaved, Muskaan has a peaceful aura around her. ...know more

  • Shankar

    Diffident, quiet, polite, Shankar is a good student and regular with his work. He has few friends, but is a good friend to others. ...know more