Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Aasraa’s 2024 Calendar Download Here

Street Smart: Mobile School

  • Ajeet Kumar

    Ajeet Kumar, age 11, is a native of Bihar living in the Bindal slum. Ajeet is a shy boy who loves climbing trees... know more

  • Neetu

    Neetu, 7, is quiet, reserved and keen to learn. Both her legs are weak due to severe lack of proper nourishment. When Neetu joined the Mobile Learning Centre ... know more

  • Rajiv

    Rajiv, 11, attends the Mobile Learning Centre after finishing school. He is sensible, a quick learner, obedient and disciplined. know more

  • Kanchan

    Don’t be fooled by Kanchan’s sweet shy smile. This tiny six year old is surprisingly assertive, super ... know more

  • Rajeev Kumar

    Rajeev Kumar, age 10, lives in the Bindal slum area and likes to sing, run and play games. He is sharp and has... know more

  • Gautam

    Gautam, 8, is naughty, restless, playful and a handful! He is a regular student, intelligent who loves coming to the Mobile Learning Centre every day. know more

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