New Year Calendar 2023

New Year Calendar 2023

New Year Calendar 2023

Asha Jyoti

  • Kamlesh

    Kamlesh is the most sweet natured and calm child. He will always come up and greet you with a gentle smile. His family is from Bihar ...know more

  • Suresh

    Suresh is our charging bull! He fiercely intelligent, focused and driven and at age 10, he is already a leader of men. At the same time his mind asks philosophical ...know more

  • Gautam

    Gautam is our little wise Buddha. He is solemn and kind, and you can see the cleverness in his eyes, which are shaded by intense integrity. . ...know more

  • Rani

    Rani is 10. She is so determined to learn how read and write that she wakes up at 4.30 in the morning to complete her household chores so she could be on our bus to the. ...know more

  • Phool Kumari

    Phool Kumari is 8 years old. Her name means ‘flower’. Her father is a daily wage labourer and the family migrated in search of work from Bihar. ...know more

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