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Then And Now In Pictures!

While talking about Street Smart with our newest member Vandita, we started to go through all the pictures that we have taken at the project since we started in January this year. It was incredible to look at the change in these kids in six months! Look look LOOK!!

Then: Naina on the first day of Street Smart!

Now: Naina posing outside the pathology of Dr. Sikand at Astley Hall in May. Our little girl’s all grown up! 

Then: Bhola. This was taken in the first few weeks when we would walk to a small shop for lunch, where we ate kadi-chawal with the kids everyday.

Then: Adi, also on Day 1 of Street Smart

Now: Bhola and Adi. This was also taken about a month back at Gandhi Park. We have no solo picture of our very talented artist Bhola, but this photograph shows how much the brothers have grown in the past months!

Then: Rajkumar, when we would sit outside McDonald’s in the first few weeks of Street Smart.

Now: In May, Rajkumar had a small wound on his cheek that he royally ignored and, which therefore swelled into a massive boil. This was taken after he was taken to the hospital to have the boil treated and the wound dressed.

Then: Finally, our little addict Sunita who has shown the least improvement over the months. This picture was taken when we formally inaugurated Street Smart on January 09/10, 2011.

Now: Sunita looking up to pose for the picture while painting at Gandhi Park

The afternoon was supposed to be spent explaining our systems at Street Smart, to Vandita but instead we spent this time looking at these and tens of other pictures and going “awwww” ever so often that it started to soon sound ridiculous even to us! But it reminded us that big or small the change may be, we are growing from strength to strength everyday. 🙂  

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