A Box Changes Many Things!

This week has been going surprisingly smoothly at Street Smart and we are doing a lot of good art and a few letters (that we try to shove in discreetly with the paints!) It is amazing how a little thing- well not quite so little- as a regular-sized trunk has made our work here all the more effective.We now have all our paints, papers, crayons, books and everything stored at one place so it is easy to haul that one box between two people and set up Street Smart in half the time. Earlier, we would make several trips back and forth before we finally got things settled.More than anything else, it gives us a feeling of belonging and in a strange way, security. It is like our own little world right there a corner of the sprawling park and the kids love every bit of it!

So it is all smiles owing to the magic box at Street Smart!

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