Stretching Fun!

At the start of our program, we do some basic stretching exercises with the children and of late, we noticed that it was becoming rather monotonous. Plus, with the Groton group around, all eyes follow them wherever they go and whatever they do! So we had the Groton students leading the exercises on Tuesday, i.e. yesterday and it turned out to be marvellous!Doon school boys who were accompanying the Groton students also took lead and did a mix of exercises that they remembered from their daily observations here and a few of their own weird, robotic dance moves! We were joined by even the older boys who previously thought they were too cool to do the stretches, now laughing and jumping with their American peers.And the difference in their attitude showed through the classes that followed the exercises! They were chirpy, they were brimming with enthusiasm and they were a whole lot more willing to learn too. So it is decided then, we are not simply stretching at the beginning of the program at Bindal. From now on, we are not merely stretching at the beginning of the program, we are stretching fun too!

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