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A Miracle

2 months ago a mother brought her child to us. Baby Naina was 10 months old and had 3rd degree burns over a third her body. 3 months previously some children had been playing near the chula inside their small one room tenement on the banks of the Bindal. One of the children had knocked into the pan of water heating on the naked flame. 7 month Naina was scalded.

Why no one brought the child to us straight away i do not know, but 3 months later this child was in acute distress as the family, who had been bankrupted seeking treatment for her, had now resorted to home made receipts of haldi and methi paste. The wounds were still raw and seeping and now open to infection.
As we, Aasraa and Manurbhav, swung into the act at this late stage, we had to find the right course of treatment urgently as the wound had begun to fester.

From Gothic horror we now switch to modern science combined with wonderful humanity.

Many doctors offered their help and advice. from Dr. Kalra who cleaned and dressed the wound, to Dr. Arun Kumar kept it clean and as always, kept us going; to Doctors Yogi and Khush Aeron, father and son. Dr. Yogi Aeron performed the operation and indeed a miracle. A group of pranic healers led by Dr. Giribala Juyal of Manurbhav also formed a circle of positive energy around this child.

It is a month since the skin graft operation and Baby Naina is laughing and gurgling!

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  1. vijay says:

    the bindal project : 1rest of the world : 0nice work.keep em coming.

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