The Children

  • Vikram

    Vikram has grown so tall that we now need to fill him out so he can compete for a place in his chosen profession – that of a policeman. For the last three years, as Vikram has applied himself...know more

  • Rajni

    Rajni is the first person in her family to pass Class XII. She wants to continue studying. Her father became ill at the beginning . ...know more

  • ‘Master Craftsman’ Raj Kumar

    Raj Kumar, now 20, is the most loved child at Street Smart! He works with concentration and pride; he loves being 'big brother' and teaching the little ones. He fended for his sister, Sunita, and himself. ...know more

  • ‘Affable’ Pooja

    Enigmatic Pooja, is16 years old, self effacing, self contained, calm and stubborn as a mule! She endeared herself to us immediately by displaying.....know more

  • ‘Enterprising’ Malti

    Malti Pasma,17, displayed wisdom and common sense beyond her age of 14, when we met her 3 years ago. Orphaned at 11, robbed and thrown out of home by their uncle, Malti and her... know more

  • ‘Naughty’ Naina

    Naina has been with the Aasraa Trust for over three years. She is now 6. She’s been finger painting with us since she was two and a half! She is tiny, adorable and knows she can twist any ....know more

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