The Children

  • Muskaan

    Like her brother, Shankar, Muskaan is also a shy, retiring girl of few words. Well behaved, Muskaan has a peaceful aura around her. ...know more

  • Shankar

    Diffident, quiet, polite, Shankar is a good student and regular with his work. He has few friends, but is a good friend to others. ...know more

  • Rama Kant

    Rama Kant is a boy with extraordinary intelligence, a quick grasp and great concentration. He will always be every teacher’s “star” pupil! ...know more

  • Sumeet

    Sumeet’s bright eyes and cheerful smile bring to life the stories he loves to tell with his expressive voice and prolific hand gestures! ...know more

  • Sakshi

    Intelligent, street smart and a quick learner, Sakshi knows her mind. What Sakshi wants, she gets!! She is very interactive ...know more

  • Neha

    Well mannered, neat in appearance with a quiet demeanour, Neha immediately stands out in a crowd when her shy smile reaches her ...know more

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