Chairman’s message

It’s been an extraordinary year… our dreams of pushing education boundaries for our slum and street children through technology have come through.

Using Computer Aided Learning programs in all our centers, on our Mobile Education Buses and on our dedicated Mobile Computer Lab, we are able to bring modern exciting teaching techniques via an audio Visual and interactive medium. This has captured the imagination of our children and sent the quality of the education we offer through the roof.

Our USP at Aasraa has been that there is no unreachable or unteachable child…. This has never been more true!

Our outreach teams work tirelessly at street level and with the community to build trust so that we can bring out of school children into our mainstreaming centres. We made ourselves a promise; we would not take on more children if it compromised the quality of what we do….. We are delighted to report that the quality of education has risen AND we have brought more children into the Aasraa fold.

We have undergone successful complicated surgeries, rescued abandoned children, nurtured and fed our flock; they are beaming, shiny and bright!

Our class 10 and 12 children surpassed themselves in the Board exams; all passed and we had 6 out of 7 first divisions in class 12! These are all children who would not have had the opportunity to study past class 8. We are indeed proud parents.

Now we need to focus on the future of these children. Having received our NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) certification for Vocational Training we are pushing ahead with our plan to provide focused skills training for our children. 2017/18 will see the opening of our first dedicated Vocational Training Centre.

Our dream is to start a centralized kitchen. Children cannot study on an empty stomach. Aasraa currently feeds 1,500 children every day. The impact a centralized kitchen would not just be in terms of cost (economies of scale), quality (fresh good produce), a balanced diet, food prepared and cooked in hygienic conditions and delivered hot and fresh. It would also become part of the vocational skill sets we will train our older children in. Tourism is Uttarakhand’s biggest industry. The hospitality sector is the fastest growing. This is a huge employment opportunity for our children and they must be able to earn a dignified living.

As we look forward to 2017/18, it is clear that the stepping stones laid down this year gone past are part of the incredible journey our children are embarking on.

Thank you to all of our fabulous donors for making such a difference in our children’s lives. A heartwarming and loving thank you to you all!


Shaila Brijnath
Chairman, Aasraa Trust