Chairman’s message

Aasraa is TEN!!! And what a decade it has been. We started with 35 children and now we have 3351 children.

We have signed an MOU with the Uttarakhand Education Department and Education Alliance to start a SQEP (School Quality Enhancement Program) in a sample selection of 6 government schools.

We are super excited with this development coming to fruition; it’s been two years in the making and it is a game changer!!! Aasraa will now be involved in improving the infrastructure, pedagogy, capacity building, lesson planning and providing up to date resource materials in these selected Government schools. This means that we will have decent schools to mainstream our children into after the Street Smart program as well as affect the learning outcomes of children already enrolled in these schools.

The six hours of school time will become a valuable commodity which will impact the education and therefore lives of our vulnerable children. Education will become a meaningful experience and we relish the opportunity this three way alliance gives us. Working with Government gives us a chance to reach even more children, improve the quality of education and provide us with a sustainable model going forward. Aasraa will also develop as a resource center to help other NGOs to replicate this model, as requested by the Department of Education.

This year has also produced a signed agreement with the government to build a Centralized Kitchen, Dining & Study Hall and a Residential Unit on a Government School Campus. Senior boys will be able to complete their education; age 14 with a class 8 qualification under RTE is not enough.

Aasraa is now feeding over 1500 children a day! Instead of outsourcing, a centralized Kitchen will allow us to employ economies of scale in purchasing, improve the quality of food, balance meals properly, cook in hygienic conditions, deliver the food to projects hot and fresh and finally, provide invaluable entrepreneurship & skills training within our kitchen model for the largest industry in Uttarakhand; Tourism/Catering.

We look forward to an exciting year, full of possibility and we strive every day to bring more children into our fold; we work diligently and with care and compassion to make the lives of our
children sparkle.

They deserve it.

Thank you as always, to our loving and generous supporters for making this dream of opportunity a reality for Aasraa Children.

Shaila Brijnath
Chairman, Aasraa Trust

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