This is something most of us have heard about, but do we reflect over seriously? If we did we would be rewarded with wholesome satisfaction. By seriously, I meant giving a serious thought towards spending our time in a more meaningful way. True, we do think such thoughts sometimes, but they tend to melt away, […]

ONGC extends financial support to Street Smart at ‘Haven’

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. is a name synonymous with excellence and commitment.  The vision of sustainable and inclusive growth drives both business decisions as well as Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at ONGC. Thus when celebrating their Diamond Jubilee this year, they decided to spread the joy by funding an education and nutrition program […]

Hep-B Immunization Drive at Aasraa

Hep-B Immunization Drive at Aasraa

Hepatitis is one of the most prevalent and serious infectious conditions in the world, affecting millions of people. Because of its different transmission routes and outcomes, it spans across a range of issues. According to WHO estimates, 1.4 million people die from Hepatitis every year and less that 1% of those infected receive treatment. Among […]

An update on Deepak

An update on Deepak

Deepak our lovely, bright, energetic child has been shifted to the hostel facility at Bajaj Institute of Learning, Dehradun. We decided to move him as we wanted the best for his special needs…auditory experts & speech therapy, experienced teachers, peer support and top notch facility where he will blossom into a talented young man. We […]

Heroes of Aasraa - Harwant Sir!

Heroes of Aasraa – Harwant Sir!

He has the brightest most curious eyes. His ideas flow at the speed of light.  He speaks like a meditating monk about his love for teaching and pedagogy.  Meet Harwant Sir-teacher par excellence! Principal of one of Dehradun’s best CBSE School’s -PYDS Learning Academy, Harwant Sir very kindly offered to help us create a systematic […]

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