'Bari Peeli Bus'  (Big Yellow Bus)

‘Bari Peeli Bus’ (Big Yellow Bus)

Tots #ragpicking break your heart and this little one carried an overloaded sack exactly his size! He was walking to #BindalSlum, 1/2 km away and refused my help to carry his load. So much dignity!! He did confess his shirt and trouser had been given to him by the people who come every morning to […]

Why is there a Need for International Day for Street Children??

Why is there a Need for International Day for Street Children??

Did this question make you scratch your head?? Did you even know that April 12th is International Day for Street Children? As per UN sources, about 150 million street children exist in the world today. Unfortunately, these children have been ignored by decision-making bodies and are often seen as a political nuisance, a social embarrassment […]

Vocational Training at ISBT Center

Vocational Training at ISBT Center By Neha Joshi – Consultant – Development & Fundraising Morning Assembly Aasraa’s Mobile Learning Center at ISBT has been a tremendous success. On most days, we have more than 100 children flocking to the bus, excited to learn and play. So in order to effectively cater to the needs of […]

Bolstering Education With Technology

E-learning “on the go” Aasraa’s mission is to provide children an education that they deserve; one that empowers them. Our Wings program, providing homework and tutorial support to our mainstreamed children as well as children from government schools, is a perfect reflection of this idea. Set on this mission to provide the best and latest […]



This is something most of us have heard about, but do we reflect over seriously? If we did we would be rewarded with wholesome satisfaction. By seriously, I meant giving a serious thought towards spending our time in a more meaningful way. True, we do think such thoughts sometimes, but they tend to melt away, […]

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